3wrencho for the Modal Nexus

The 3wrencho by PDW is a $20 piece of indestructible kit, able to tighten down 15mm bolts, pop tires off rims (probably pop rims off of rims) and, as they mention in their ad copy, spread peanut butter.

It’s one of the smallest 15mm wrenches around and it makes a great gift for the fixie lover or Nexus rider in your life. My birthday is in February, so mark your calendar.

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Oh wow, Pedro’s wins again!

* 15mm box end wrench. (Won’t work on shielded dropouts but worked well on fork ends.)

*  Lock ring hook. (And your pedals can act as a chain whip! Just watch your fingers. Nearly took mine off.)

*  8,9,10mm box end wrenches. (No idea why they needed this in a “fixed gear kit”. I’m guessing it’s just in case you

*  5mm hex. (Most stems, seatpost binders, some seat clamps chainring bolts etc.)

*  Of course, a bottle opener. (Who can ride a fixed gear without a good draft beer from the Brooklyn Brewery?)

Just the fact that it attachs to the bottle cage makes the felt my best option.  I run Fizik saddles on my bikes, and have the Fizik saddle bags that clip in that I trade around.  Trying to remember to put that extra tool in my pocket just doesn’t happen, so if I have the seat bag, and if the BeerNuts is on my bike - then I’m good.

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