3T Sprint bar part 2!

A while ago I mentioned that 3T was introducing a new track sprint dropbar that was based on their TT base bars. The design was awkward but I was very curious about the ergonomics of the handlebar. But alas, that design will never see production after all. No, apparently that design was casually discarded in favour of a somewhat more conventional shape…that happens to be the most beautiful handlebar ever dreamed of by god or man.

Readers, fellow cyclists, Mr President…I give you the new-new 3T Scatto sprint bar. Whenever this is available, I suggest you cue up behind me to get one…you see, I have a knife, and it is not advisable to stand between me and that bar. scatto ltd 3-4 .png



Curiously, the bar is offered in a 35 and 37cm sizes, which is hella narrow. I mean, I like a 38cm, but I’m just 5’3”. Unless 3T is using some weird reference point on the bar to determine size, I’m not sure who would want the 35cm size. Well, until I find out otherwise, I’m gonna get a 37cm size for myself and the rest of you can go screw.


It kind of reminds me of the Corima Manta Ray bar used by Castorama circa 1990-91. Very pretty.

people that race track like narrow bars to get through narrow spaces.

yes, a narrow bar is often preferred for track, but it’s relative.  i could see downsizing by 2cm or so compared to one’s road bar width, but 35cm (c-c) is very, very narrow by any standard.  most “sprint” style bars offered currently are 40cm or (slightly less commonly) 38cm.  narrower bars would allow a bike to fit into smaller hole, but the rider has to fit there too. thus a bar dramatically narrower than the rider’s shoulders and elbows would not be a tactical advantage that could be exploited.  on the other hand, too narrow of a bar would adversely affect handling, particularly on the steep banking of today’s 250m velodrome modern standard.

you could argue that a rider could use a narrow bar as a wedge to create a hole, but at 30-35mph+  that’s not a tactic i’d want to use often, nor is it one that other riders or track officials want to see.

japanese handlebar maker Nitto offers down to a 34cm, but you really need to hunt hard for that.  i’m not even sure how popular that size is even within the japanese domestic keirin industry as 38cm seems to be the norm.  know too that japanese velodromes tend to be large 400-500m tracks with shallower banking, thus the narrow bar would be less of a problem for handling.

(slight digression here, but i find the geometry differences in traditional keirin bikes and modern elite sprinters’ bikes really interesting, totally apart from the differences in construction and materials).

oh, the 3T Scatto bar would not meet japanese domestic keirin regulations (ie NJS-approval).

anyways, in the category of carbon sprint bars on the market already, several are only available in 40cm, none that I could find narrower than 38cm. after all, elite track sprinters and keirin riders tend to be big dudes; i would expect most of them to chose 42cm or maybe 44cm for the road.  i myself ride 38 or 40cm on the road and 38cm on the track.  37cm really wouldn’t be much of a stretch for me in an absolute sense, but if i was riding track more it would definitely be a big change because the familiarity with the existing equipment.  it would be a massive difference for a big, elite track rider.

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