34 Seconds of Bike Lane

Texas style bike lanes are featured in the fifteenth episode of the Huggacast. I think this is a token bike lane painted to get federal funding. It’s about 34 seconds long.

What’s the most ridiculous bike lane you’ve ridden?

Bike Hugger was in San Antonio test riding the Modal, a travel bike concept that folds and toggles between single, fixed, and geared modes. Besides this ridiculously short lane, San Antonio did have a good system of paths and roads on the Mission to Mission ride.


Google Videos ongoing sketchiness results in sometimes the 34 second bike lane is available and sometimes not. You can download and view it from directly from our servers.


Thers a bike lane in North Sydney, Australia that intersects a 4 lane freeway. But dont worry… theres a sign that says “Cyclists cross here with care”. Oh… I feel so much safer. :)

Ha. There’s also that wince I get when I see a fellow cyclists riding in traffic or through an intersection and there’s a perfectly good bike lane nearby. That happens a lot near my rides at the intersection underneath the West Seattle Bridge.

Here’s more on the Mission to Mission ride. As I wrote previously, it’s not well marked, but a great ride.

* [San Antonio Missions Hike and Bike](http://www.nps.gov/saan/planyourvisit/hikebike.htm)
* [Biking the San Antonio trail](http://www.fabuloustravel.com/usa/bikesanan/bikesanan.html)
* [Mission to Mission Charity Ride](http://www.missiontrailrotary.com/Articles/M2M2007.html).

The bike lane that intersects a four lane highway is the best!

My personal favorite is 164th in Bellevue, where it’s legal for cars to park in the lane. I call it the bike lane that isn’t. Imagine if it were legal for me to lock up my bike in the middle of the roadway, forcing cars up on to sidewalks.

I have seen some shamefully short cycle lanes, however in the UK there is perfection to this fine art.

In a city in the midlands about 10 years ago the local council were crazy about the ‘new’ cycle lane. They all had pictures taken on it for the local newspaper, however the real truth of the matter was that it was ‘exactly’ the length of a camera viewfinder and dumped you on a busy main road at both ends.

And in a lovely mid-wales town there is another cycle path that you can fit exactly 8 bikes on its entire length, Has plenty of signs and paint on it though.

Here in the UK most, if not all, of our bike lanes go nowhere or if they go near your destination, the long way round.

That’s if they are not down right ludicrous.

Check some of these out:



The *bike lane that isn’t* is a good name for a documentary on cycling in Seattle!

John and Big Black Shed,

That’s funny and what made me laugh in San Antonio was that the lane never started again and that was the only one I could find. Maybe like Midlands, there was a big ribbon cutting and all.

And Bike Hugger is traveling to London in December. I’ll post on that and would appreciate some ride tips and all. We’re staying in the Buckingham Palace area . . . maybe we can meet for a ride. Is that ok to ride there? I’ve ridden in LA and Beijing, so I can ride most anywhere . . .

Dl no kidding. Maybe you can do a series on the “BIKE LANE O’ DEATH! I nominate Second Ave (Seattle)

34 Seconds?! You’re all a bunch of big softies! I found one today that’s only ten metres long. It’s on an up hill section, so at ten mph, that’s just over 3 seconds.

Full video to be posted tomorrow on YouTube.

OK - here it is. I challenge you to find a stoopider bike lane than this one!

Chris Schultz, I’ll bet the cyclists do cross that 4 lane highway with care like the sign says!

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