2010 Predictions: Urban Cyclocross

Our series of irreverent 2010 predictions tweets, included Urban Cyclocross. That’s an alleycat with runups and barriers.

Followers responded that they’d like to see that and promoters are already doing it.

Bilenky Cycle Works @bikehugger here you go. Still trying to track down the one we sponsored.
Sounds good to me! In Houston there could be some great courses.
done. coming again this year in kc
Dicky aka teamdicky.com had a post up on his site about a race he did a few weeks ago.
Wouldn’t surprise me!
surprised that hasn’t happened yet, actually
urban cyclocross sounds like a good time. If you want help setting one up in Seattle, let me know.
In Austin, we call it alleycross, and due to our pretty light cyclocross calendar have been doing it for several years now.

Photo Uploaded by ©hrisGo. We also predicted that Harajuku rides will displace Tweed. No word yet if that’s happening already.


Interesting as there’s a few of us in London who have been discussing Urban Cyclocross and trying to come up with something that is less alleycat with runups and barriers and more like a classic cross minus the mud. I wrote a rough manifesto for it: http://www.atomicecho.com/cycling/cyclocross/urban-cyclocross-manifesto.shtml

Incidentally it’s not a new idea, it seems. The French ran one in 1943 in Montmartre which looks very cool: http://www.atomicecho.com/cycling/cyclocross/urban-cyclocross-montmartre-paris-1943-style.shtml

Agreed and btw, this was just a party convo I was having with a friend. Joking about the industry and what the next big thing was or would be.

I’d like to do some suburban cross here. Alley cat plus a stop at the ATM, a drink order @ Starbucks. Locking a bike up to a parking meter and running in to get a perscription…

Shit, this is actually a really good idea.

You could run it like those suitcase races—everyday cycling even, then mid-race have a cargo pull.

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