2008 Trek Madone

Trek launches the 2008 Madones with a brochure site and lots of new technology, including a oversized 90mm wide bottom bracket shell, no headsets, seatmast, new carbon designations, and a fuselage approach. Responding to their competitors, like Specialized, Trek is coming out firing with a “we invented carbon bikes” approach and a frame that’s a half-pound lighter

By de-emphasizing specific materials and instead focusing the discussion on our OCLV Carbon process “ a process we invented 16 years ago and have been refining ever since - Trek can leverage our manufacturing, engineering, and design expertise to underscore the unique nature of our carbon fiber frames: a difference we’re confident makes for the best carbon fiber frames on the planet.

Just last month, I glowingly reviewed the Specialized Tarmac SL, another bike emphasizing technology. I’ve ridden Madones for years, reviewed them positively, and they’re great, solid, racing bikes, but have relied on 16-year old tube and lug technology.

Looks like Trek is changing the game again. More reactions




I ran into Stan Gregg (Gregg’s Cycles) out on a ride today.  He said they expect to grossly outsell the current model.  I’m a little leery of the pricepoint, but it looks like they have “everyday” models in the line as well.

Perfect timing to run into Stan! I’d like a “red carbon” plz . . . The Tarmac, at least in 07, beat the Madones on components per price point. I also noted that Trek is using in-house design on even more parts this year and for 08s Bontrager also got a much needed face lift.

Any idea on pricing for the Madone 5.1 WSD?  Apparently those wont ship for several months and are still not ready for production.

I saw a 5.2 with Ultegra SL this afternoon—the new Bontrager wheels and Ultegra SL look really, really nice.  Of course, the frame was cool and the bottom bracket area sure looked unique.  The shop owner was REALLY happy with it.  I liked it, too—although I thought the paint and colors were still awfully boring (like most Trek bikes).

You saw one! Bonus. We haven’t seen them here yet in Seattle. What was the price? WSD I’d expect to be about the same. As I said in another post, refreshing the homely bontrager line was much needed, especially the wheels.

My local shop in Pullman got a 5.2 on Friday.  He was still building it up when we stopped by, and it didn’t have a price tag—but he mentioned a day earlier it would be around $3200.  Bikes tend to be about 10% lower than the Trek website price—maybe it’s the lower rent in Pullman, or maybe our local shop just rocks.  ;)

I found a website that lists what they think are MSRP prices:


Unfortunately, it sounds like the WSD models wont be available until August or later.

Was the bike painted or decals with clear coat? How ‘bout the bontrager brakes?

It looked like it was painted black with a lot of white decals, but didn’t look close enough to say for sure.  It had Ultegra SL brakes, rather than Bontrager.  I really liked the color of the Ultegra SL stuff.  The only Bontrager thing that really stood out was the wheels—and they were definitely much improved over earlier versions (shop thought they were 100+ grams lighter).

Thanks. I want to see the SRAM bike

I love my Scott with SRAM Force—but its not bright yellow.  I wish the Madone was going to offer a SRAM Force model that wasnt yellow.  Seriously—my son has a bright green and very cool grey 3700 mountain bike that has much better colors than almost ANY of the Madones have.  I wish more colors were available without Project One.

And even with project one, you’re still limited. That’s not really custom. That being said, I own a [Team Issue Project One](http://bikehugger.com/2007/05/team_issue_trek_project_one.htm).

Project One and framesets available in January 2008.  On a side note, have you seen the articles about Ultegra SL—and it STILL being over 100g heavier (and more than $100 more expensive) than SRAM Rival?  Seems like Shimano would’ve at least factored one of those numbers into their calculation.  Luckily for Shimano, SRAM Rival doesn’t look all that great.  Works well, though!

I bought my 2008 Trek Madone 5.2 last week after considering the Scott CR1 Pro and Lemond Zurich. I like hills, the steeper the better. The new Madone is incredibly responsive - stiff and “twitchy” on the climbs and a rocket on the descents (I find myself braking more than usual as I get used to the bike). The Ultegra SL is crisp front and back and the ride is stable and comfortable. The bike is more sensitive to cross winds due to the larger tubing, but I can certainly live with that.  All in all, the bike is a rocket.

Thanks Mark. Does that model come with the big head tube? And how close were you to considering SRAM?

Pump placement and water bottle cages? On Pam’s Tarmac, she’s got to practically lay on the top tube to get to her bottle on the seat tube.

I have had a 5.2 Performance fit for 9 days.  The bike is sweet!  Agree with Mark that the bike loves to climb. I’ve put about 270 miles on it and it is still impressing me every day.
I’m a believer.

Thanks for the update Mike. I spoke with Trek earlier this week and we’re expecting bikes to test next month.

I’ve had my Madone 5.2 for 3 weeks and love it’s lunging response to every pedal stroke.  I wish they offered SRAM RIVAL on the 5.2.  My seat came in defective.  It kind of twists or contorts to one side…not even.  Check yours mine is not the only one.  The bike handles phenomenally, I hit 50 mph into a right hand sweeper and just counter-steered through it and it was wild!  I am hearing a little noise in the bottom bracket while pushing hard up hill.  I will try to figure it out this weekend!

Test rode the Madone 5.2 at LiveStrong Challenge Austin this weekend and whoa, the bike is impressive, instant response on kicks up hill, smoothe gear dumps and pickups, super responsive on cornering…where and when can I buy one….?

They’re in shops now. I know that the Performance Geometry has shipped but not if the Pro ones have arrived.

I have read several reviews on MADONE 5.1 and 5.2, but, It is the 5.2 worth the money difference? I mean, ultegra sl does not look so much better than normal ultegra, and I am not sure every rider will notice the diference in performance between the two frames?? Any help??. I am thinhking about saving some mney with the 5.1, and buying and extra pair of very nice wheels!!!


That’s a good idea to get the 5.1 and upgrade the wheels—wheels are going to make the biggest difference in the performance of any bike. Ultegra SL is a very nice group, but that’s mostly in the finish and a few grams here and there. If you’re not racing, I’d save the money.

I’m stuck between a left over, 2007, Specialized Tarmac Expert with Dura Ace components and Mavic wheels selling for $2100 and a new Trek 5.1 Madone for $2650 with Ultegra components.  I’ve ridden both and am still confused…the Madone felt slightly more comfortable, but I’ve not been fitted to either bike yet….which one do I buy?????

Frank C.

I’d go with the Specialized with the DA because that’s a better component group at a good price. Then use that 500 you saved on gear or towards upgrading wheels.

anyone know a dealer who will ship one of these madone 5.2 pro to the uk?

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