10sp XTR

Well, I was waiting for it, and now Shimano just announced it a couple hours ago.

New XTR with 10sp double and triple cranks, new hydraulic brakes, and a new tubeless wheel system.drivetrain.image.+media+images+cycling+products+bikecomponents+FC+FC-M985_40-28_1200x900_v1_m56577569830716979_dot_png.bm.800.0.png


p> It looks like Shimano will pursue both 2x10 drivetrains for XC and 3x10 for “trail” riding. The new crank design seems understated compared to previous offerings. Cassettes will be in either 11-34 or 11-36 offerings, with an updated “Shadow-type” rear derailleur. Pretty hot.


Gorgeous, and nice they are doing both a double and triple setup. Any idea what the available sizes will be (will they offer up to 180mm)?

170/175/180 in double and 165/170/175/180 in triple

i should add that it’s pretty clear that the new XTR uses a hollow big ring like DA7900.  for that reason, i wonder what the bcd is? the link doesn’t say.

Mark, do you know whether either the new XTR components or the new 10-speed XT components will be compatible with Shimano’s 10-speed STI shifters (for those thinking of a touring set-up on a road bike) ?

I guess this means they are officially killing of the Dual Control levers?

there’s some confusion on the road/tb 10sp compatibility. in every new shimano press release i’ve seen since Dura Ace ‘97, the first thing they say is how great the system is because it was designed to work together.  the second thing they tell you is that you can’t use it with anything else. many times this is just hokum. 

i won’t know until the new XT and XTR derailleurs are available, but most likely the rear derailleurs will be compatible with road STI and the fronts will not be.  this has been the status quo for 20 yrs, and i would be mystified as to why shimano would choose to change the actuation ratio of the REAR derailleurs.  the trick is that i’m sure the 10sp mtb FRONT derailleurs will have a different actuation ratio than previous mtb generations.  this would mirror changes on the road going from 7800/6600/5600 series to the newer 7900/6700/5700 series.  it would be wonderful if new gen road and 10sp mtb had the same ratio for front derailleurs, but i doubt it since the mtb and road front derailleurs are much more dissimilar than the respective rear derailleurs.

to sum, shimano hasn’t said yet how much compatibility there will be, but i’d bet $5 that the 10sp mtb rear derailleur will work with road STI. in the meantime, i’m sure that you could use a 9sp rear mtb derailleur with a 10sp road STI on a 10sp mtb cassette (because i’ve been riding that setup all week on my CX bike).  it’s unlikely that you could use either old or new gen road STI left levers with the 10sp mtb front derailleurs.

(actually, the complexities of using mtb cranks with STI road levers are not few in number, so maybe i’ll write a separate entry on that at some later point.)

of course the brake systems won’t be intercompatible.

it does seem as if shimano is giving up on mtb dual control, which is a shame because the last gen of it works really well.  so well in fact, that i bet the could transfer a lot of the technology to a hydraulic road STI for the rumored CX disc brake system.  time will tell.

i also don’t remember a v-brake option for the new 10sp XTR.

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