100,000,000 bikes!?

The World Clock is closing in on 100 million bikes produced in 2007. There are some daunting stats on there.


datz alotta bikes!

No, it’s only one for every sixty-six people, and I own three that nobody else rides.  (I donated my old commuter bike to Bicycle Works,... but then I bought a new road bike) so, my own Red-blooded American conspicuous consumption notwithstanding, it’s not that that’s a lot of bikes it’s that that’s a gigantic butt-load of people.

Watch that ticker roll!

I’m really glad that climate change has finally entered the public consciousness, but somehow the essential message of Tooooo Many Poeple just isn’t part of the debate (for lack of a better word).

I’m sure there’s an aspect of political correctness to it all, but if we can’t change everybody’s mindset about reproduction, there’s gonna be a market correction in the supply of people, and those left over are going to be partying like it’s 999 - except with bikes. 

Lots of rusty bikes.

Daunting as the stats are, I love the fact that there were 3 times more bikes produced this year than cars.  There may be hope.

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