10% At-Fault

From the Examiner: “Study claims cyclists at fault in only 10 percent of crashes”

Interesting little article on the actual at-fault rates for bicycle/vehicle collisions. It seems that cyclists are, generally not at fault in these collisions. It doesn’t make them less painful, but it was somewhat reassuring to see that the cyclists whipping through traffic aren’t the ones getting into accidents.


What is reassuring about “cyclists whipping through traffic aren’t the ones getting into accidents?”


I probably didn’t set that up enough.  If you ever read the comments threads that pop up here in Seattle after any collision - people ALWAYS move to blame the cyclists that dart in and out of traffic and bring it on themselves. 

Based on this, it sounds like we might not all be those “traffic law violating scoflaws” that cause accidents like the car-people always rally behind.

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