08 Redline 925

I’ve admired 925s since I first started seeing them in shops and on the road. The 925 is Redline’s popular, single-speed, urban bike with slightly slack geometry, wide bullhorn bars, and a 4130 chrome-moly steel frame. It’s a simple bike to get you around town or campus and is well thought out with flip-flop hubs, fenders, and aero levers for the ends of the bullhorn. Also notice how the tubes are free of excessive decals. This bike is more about transportation then showing off brand names.


The hugga test is to roll down the steep hill I live on and then back up it. I’ll know immediately how a bike brakes and then later how it climbs. As I discovered, I don’t want a bike to brake like a time trial bike with aero levers. Soft and spongy is not good braking and that’ll worsen in the rain. I’d add a second set of levers to the 925 and start changing out the brake pads for a more solid brake feel.

Curiously the bike was comfortable, but not particularly stiff or nimble. Granted that’s a subjective observation and not negative or really a complaint, I just noticed how on sharp turns, the bike didn’t feel balanced and a bit awkward. That has a lot to do with the wheels, big tires, and bullhorn bars. The length of chain stays and fork rake also affect the ride and it’s definitely relaxed (learn more about the geometry from Redline). The 925 is not a “snappy road bike” or “stiff-ass” track bike and that’s perfectly good for riding across town and especially for 500 bones.

We’re going to spend more time with the 925 and I’ll bring a wrench on the next ride to flip the hub over to see if I can get up the hill without walking.


  • MRSP is $499.00
  • Nice paint
  • My ankles and heels rubbed the crank arms. My feet float a lot when I ride.
  • Wear gloves. The bullhorns don’t have slots for cables and you’ll feel them through the bar tape.


The 925 we tested is a one-of prototype and Redline told me today that the brake levers will change to address the sponginess I described above. Regarding the ride, as the name says 925, this bike is meant to be relaxed and that it is. Also, a correction that the bike is not yet shipping.


What’s that front crank?  104bcd 4-spline?  Looks sorta cool.

It’s a 42 tooth with a guard, 4 splines, and i[t’s an RPM](http://www.revolutionbike.com/crank_pic_&_info.htm). Nice actually, but ‘I’ve just always had that problem with crank arms that have a bend in them.

I’ve always liked the 925, too, though I think the bullhorn is kind of poseur.

Maybe throw an albatross bar on there—actually a moustache bar would probably be better—and we can talk!

It’s not my choice, but I understand why they did it. Last years model I believe had mustache bars.

There were some unfavorable reviews of the previous 925’s with the mustache bars they had.  The ends were parallel and just didn’t feel very good.  My wife had one for awhile and we swapped out to drop bars for her.  I’m not a huge fan of the bull horns either.  Would prefer something more like the Nitto Jitensha bars. 

Otherwise they did some good stuff with this year’s 925.  They shortened the fork tips, making it easier to swap out the wheels without messing with the fenders.  The paint looks nice too…the old one was a bit Maoist.


On the bettie, I totally dig the Nitto Albatross. Don’t know if that’d work, but at 500.00, the bike is a good value and bars are easy to swap out.

“Last years model I believe had mustache bars.”

You are right—that must be why they looked good that way in my mind’s eye. ;-)

That Nitto Jitensha road bar might do the trick.

We are running Nitto dove bars as stoker bars on the xtraycles —they seem to be a cross between a ‘stache bar—I’m running them in moustache (down configuration, Anne has them up) and something like the Jitensha.

Not bad…and pretty cheap.

If the 925 riders can get past the messenger wannabe look, there’s no shortage of more comfortable options.

My 925 is an 07’ which explains why I got it for the clearance price of $350 :)  I cinched up the front brake, swapped the moustache bars for a flat w/ barends and added a short handle Tektro V-brake lever. It’s a nice, stiff ride and a blast to tool around town with as well as ride to work on.

This bike needs horizontal drops, clearance for tires and larger fenders, and a sloped fork. Other than that it’s great.

The bars suck, bullhorn is lame.

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