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Grit and Borrow A Bike

We went to Denver over the holidays and although I used to keep a bike to ride when I was working there regularly, I decided to use it as my rain bike in Seattle. So it is always with some remorse that I travel to Denver for more than 3 days. I’m not big on spin classes although I have done some killer ones in Boulder, but Denver? The mountains beckon and I just want a real bike to ride.

Pam's bike.jpg

Grit and Get On That Trainer

Ride Inside On My Trainer? Dear God Help Me. Ai yi yi. The snow has dumped on Seattle and that means no outdoor training. ICK. This is my 3rd day going down to the basement and getting on my trusty fluid trainer. The first day was fine, just a 60 minute ride, pop on the headphones and listen to some BIKE TRAINING mix I’d made and before I knew it? Training done.

Day 2? Supposed to be a team ride. That means 2.5 hours minimum. On a trainer? You must be joking. But I’m trying to be consistent this year, so I dug out a Carmichael Trainright DVD on racing and off we go - me and all those indoor Carmichael “we really train with these” team riders in blue.

I decided to warm up before I turned it on, why? Stupid idea, because the “training coach” has you do a brisk warm up right there AND his kind of a warm-up generally wears me out so much that I start worrying about how I will continue to breathe when we get to the “racing” part. When I can get my mind to shut up and just ride the race, I have to admit, it is a great workout. Well, I couldn’t get my mind to shut up on this day, so I made it about 45 minutes into the DVD this time before I gave up chasing down the breakaways on the hills. Then I continued with my own endurance pace. Good idea since this was supposedly a “rest” week.

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