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Nicely produced, very informative video about the recent Oregon Manifest design challenge and ride. 30+ hand made bikes, submitted for judging on design then ridden 77 miles on and off road. Some great bikes in the lot…

Poli-ci-car Mass

On Friday morning’s commute I ran into the police memorial procession for Officer Brenton. The Burke Gilman trail was clogged w/ pedestrians paying their respects.The road was blocked with police, fire and aid units passing slowly by, rolling through intersections in one long continuous filament. It reminded me a lot of (somber) critical mass rides.

These guys are rolling through town paying respect to their fallen colleagues. They’re raising awareness of their role and the risks they bear as first responders, aid providers and law enforcement. They’ve probably saved my life more times than I can count (indirectly at least). If I ever get nailed on my bike it’s these guys who are coming to scrape me off the pavement and take me to the hospital. I’ve got mad respect for them. I don’t really understand how you could ride in the city and not.

The procession was an inconvenience for sure. I could have gotten where I was going faster if it hadn’t been going on. I think that’s kind of the point. Slow down, look around, recognize those around you. It’s a great reminder.

Me? I stopped by bike and stood on the trail watching the mass roll by and thinking about how much I owe these folks. I stopped and told an officer thanks you, and asked them to pass it along. I meant it sincerely, and I still do: Thank you police, thank you fire fighters, thank you aid. Like my doctor, I hope I don’t need to see you very often but I’m glad you’re around.

Biking the Islands: recommendations for Oahu


It’s cold out. Anybody in their right mind would be thinking about hauling their rig out to an island closer to the equator, and Hawaii’s right around the corner from Seattle. I had the chance recently and didn’t say no. I had a great time, In retrospect but I wish somebody had told me a couple things about biking on Oahu. Check out the Maui tag for extensive notes from other Hugga trips

Briefly: There ain’t no helmets for rent; bring a light, a bag, and a tool; consider renting a cruiser. Riding around Honolulu’s a great way to see the city and the coast. More inside…

DIY Studded tires for ICEBIKE

Andrew Musselman, local cycling fiend and a dedicated Ride Civilian, whipped up his own Studded Tires in preparation for this weeks icy commutes in Seattle. Here’s a tutorial that covers a similar approach. Andrew’s using flat headed screws, with the pointy side out which makes a bit more intuitive sense. A tire liner over the heads keeps your tubes from popping. At least that’s the theory, how’d it go, Andrew? Anybody else riding studs this late fall?


A couple more instructive photos inside…

Friday’s release party for the Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bikes (we’re a sponsor, yo!) was a big hit despite the inclement weather. Standing room only by 9:00, plenty of oboe-powered hobo cabaretby The Whiskey Romance and later Golden Robot Army played. Many of the Lovely Ladies were in attendance, and although I ducked out a bit early I understand the party was going strong at midnight. Nice work as always, MaLora, looking forward to next year’s calendar.

I recently got a chance to try out the Yuba Mundo “ one of a crop of integrated frame long tail cargo bikes that have been making their way to market in the last year or so. The Mundo falls at the low end of the price spectrum, and promises: cargo hauling capabilities ready to take on the challenges around the world.

Quick Reminder – RideCivil’s next ride is this coming Friday, check www.ridecivil.com for details and the blog for the latest news. We had a great ride last month, with quite a few folks and wonderful weather. It’s looking pretty good this week too, hope to see you there.

Central_lib.jpg Nate Miller’s got the low down on what’s green and going up (or has gone up) in the city center. I really enjoy rides where you get to learn a bit more about our city (like the train yard tour last year), this promises to be really fascinating. And what better way to tour the green architecture of the city than by bike?
What: Seattle Green Building Bike Tour
When: Saturday, September 6th, leaving at 10 AM
Where: Meet up at the park across from Westlake Center (4th & Pine), the tour will be through downtown and South Lake Union
RSVP: Please send an email to seattle@cascadiagbc.org
More information inside…

Cargo bike ride 16 – the tradition continues! The ride is all set for noon tomorrow, starting from 20/20 Cycles (at 2020 East Union on Capitol Hill). Destination is Ravenna Park in the U. District. The official flyer is here. These rides are always fun, with folks bringing all kinds of stuff to make the ride and destination more pleasant, including children. No cargo bike required of course, but you’ll see plenty there.

High_5_V8.jpg There was quite a bit of speculation about how the Critical Mass ride after the Aloha Incident would go down. Would the police try to bust everybody not wearing a helmet? Would it be another case of When Cyclists Attack? Would drivers revolt and start mowing down the mass? I’m happy to report that none of that happened, and that the ride went off very well. Personally, I’d love it if we can keep a police presence on the ride, al a Vancouver, who seem to have hit a good stride for handling mass rides. Photo from Bombnumber19

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