DL Byron

Dl Byron Blogging, designing, developing, and inventing; Byron is a maker and publishes Bike Hugger, a bike culture blog. He wrote Publish & Prosper: Blogging for Your Business, a New Riders book. He also contributes to Wired.

He's been a cycling enthusiast, Cat 2 Masters racer, Elite Cyclocross racer, and occasional tourist since 1994, when he started mountain biking the desert in Eastern Washington.

Byron's bikes include custom titanium Davidsons for road racing, cross, and travel. He's also testing whatever the flavor of the month is, like aero road bikes, and makes deliveries with a cargo bike.

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Mark Villegas

Mark V Hailing from Florida originally, Mark V is resident mechanic at a Seattle bike shop.  He spends his time alternating between deftly wielding education in psychology and materials science/engineering versus feigning robotic ignorance, whichever allows him to effectively complete the shop tasks that day.  He has raced road, track, cyclocross, and mountain with largely mediocre results but splendid anecdotes.  Mark V has also been a District of Columbia cycle messenger, Gainesville FL pizza bike delivery agent, a globe-trotting personal assistant.

His stable of bicycles includes a custom geometry Orbea track bike, Giant TCR Advanced SL road bike, custom Davidson titanium ("MkV", a modal concept travel bike with S&S couplings), and a 1996 Bianchi EL/OS lugged steel road bike.

Episodic Bloggers

David Schloss

David Schloss David Schloss is a photographer, writer and long-time cyclist living in New York. For more than a decade he has been a cycling photographer and writer, and has covered road, mountain, 'cross and urban cycling. He's addicted to bicycling, but also to bicycles and all of the cool, fun, expensive and ingenious parts that go into a great bike. As a result he's got an ever-changing collection of bikes that usually includes a road bike or two, a nice wet weather bike, a fixed gear and a trusted Xtracycle. His job takes him around the world to teach photography and he's usually accompanied by a Bike Friday, allowing him to get around faster and ride in both urban and rural areas.

As president of the Rockland Bicycling Club he's often out leading rides, and introducing people to the sport.

Andrew Martin

andrewAndrew is a technology manager and frequent bike commuter/racer. He's been riding seriously since his teens and continues to spend any free time on two wheels. Andrew lives in the Seattle area with his wife Sally, two kids, and dog.

Bikes: Scott Addict R4 (race), Baron Outsider (rain), On-One Pompino (fixed/SS Cross).

Frank Steele

Frank Steele Frank Steele runs, the TV Guide of Tour de France-related web content. He's ridden 35 centuries, including Cross Florida (now Bike Across Florida), every mile of 10 Tours of the Scioto River Valley, and three Bike Rides Across Georgia.

He has bike-commuted to work at Coca-Cola and in Atlanta, and led Bike To Work Day rides for the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign.

Current stable: 1991 Bridgestone RB-1, 2001 Trek 520, 1994 Santana Arriva, 1996 Klein Pulse Pro.

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