The new T47 Bottom Bracket Standard….it doesn’t suck actually

Proprietary spokes, internal nipples, frame-specific seatposts….everyone in this industry wants to build that better mousetrap. Yet most of these “innovations” fail to deliver on their marketing promise, and no mechanic is excited to know that he’ll need to source more sku#s (or needs more tools to service them). So I had my doubts for the new T47 bottom bracket “standard”, but at least for the bikes we make at DKCB it has so far proven to be an advantage.

Above is a recent Davidson titanium with a T47 bottom bracket shell, 1-3/8” seat tube, and 1” chain stays. Below is an older Davidson titanium frame with BSA bottom bracket shell, 1-3/8” seat tube, and 7/8” chain stays.

Sole Renewal, Sidi

My Sidi Dragon 2 shoes have been my summer footwear for several years now. The carbon sole is on the stiff side, especially compared to the less expensive mtb shoes, but would you expect anything less from $400 cycling boots? Considering their cost and the fact that I don’t work for a Sidi retailer anymore, daily commuter usage might seem like a fast way to ruin good shoes. And indeed the lugs of the sole have worn to such an extent that I’m basically balancing on the tiny metal bits of the cleat whenever I wear them to the supermarket, a situation begging for an eventual cleanup on Aisle 10. But my investment in Sidi shoes was calculated on the Dragon 2’s Sole Replacement System (SRS). Sidi sells SRS kits to replace the rubber of on the sole, extending the life of the shoe.

I had squirreled away an SRS kit a couple years ago, and now that the Pacific NW summer is hot enough to make the Dragons my go-to shoe, I have been meaning to freshen up their traction…

… and yesterday I finally got tired of walking like a figure skater with a drinking problem.

(more pix and details after the jump)

Froome Runs Up Ventoux (really)

Seriously, the year I decided to NOT COVER THE TOUR. Well, see for yourself! The BBC is covering it live.


Photo: Reuters

The events so far

  • Froome runs up Mont Ventoux after damaging bike
  • Froome caught up in crash with motorbike
  • Incident late in stage causes chaos
  • Froome loses yellow jersey in provisional standings
  • Yates moves into provisional lead; Froome +53secs
  • Thomas de Gendt wins shortened stage
  • Montpellier to Mont Ventoux (178km)

Recaps to follow.

Taylor Phinney and the Grand Scheme

Zipp Cognition Hubset with Axial Clutch Technology

Huh, Zipp is a secretive company, but perhaps with new competition from Mavic owning ENVE, they’ve decided to be more open? Don’t know, but this video shows off more of their tech that I’ve seen before.

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