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SXSW 2011

  • Event: SXSW 2011
  • When: March 15, 2011, 5-7PM
  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • Who: SXSW Attendees, Austin Locals, cyclists
  • RSVP now at Facebook | G+

We’re back in Austin, riding, blogging, partying. Please to ride with us and have a good time. Meet at Brush Square Park, across the street from the Convention Center.


Meet at Brush Square Park, across the street from the Convention Center.

Recent news and updates about SXSW 2011

Austin is Weirder

I’ve learned from our Mobile Socials that a good way to get to know the people of Austin is to ride with them.

Mobile Social SXSW: Good Times

Also just riding around town, I’ve met all sorts of characters like Garbage Man

SXSW 11:  Garbage Man

and this server at the Nine Party

Austin: Hallway at Austin City Limits

Austin is weirder than ever and I hope the trend continues.

Mobile Social SXSW: Beardo!

A Mobile Social SXSW attendee with a Rasputin-style beard. It divined the wind for us like a hairy windsock.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Lock Spots

Cyclists get creative when all the lock spots are gone. As I tweeted last night:

Overheard: you know what we need to do right now? Is find an f’ing lock place to lock our bikes or we’re a mile away.

They’ll put bikes in a tree and anything they can get a lock around. Last night after the Mobile Social, bikes were lining the fences, in piles on poles, and hanging from street signs. They got them up on on the signs with the help of a dude on a triple-decker tall bike.

Mobile Social SXSW: Lock Spot

Updated Mobile Social SXSW 11 Schedule

The People of Austin didn’t get the memo that we planned Built and a smaller Mobile Social SXSW this year. About 3K have RSVP’d on Facebook. That’s a good problem to have and our sponsors have kicked in more budget for another party. Yeah Sponsors!


The Mobile Social SXSW is two parties now. A preparty at Frank for beer, dogs, schwag. Then we ride the Mobile Social and conclude with tacos and beer at the Gypsy Tavern.


If you’ve RSVP’d on Facebook already, you’re good for the Mobile Social and for tacos and beer. To meet us at Frank, RSVP via EventBrite. Besides the dogs and beer, we’ll have prizes and schwag there.



Brush Square Park (5th/Naches) is our traditional meeting spot and we’ll have people there at 5 to collect anyone that didn’t get the this message. We’ll ride to Frank and meet up with the rest of the crew there.

Festival Beach is where the Mobile Social starts this year and ends at Gypsy Lounge.

Your Help

Note: Facebook won’t allow us to message event attendees directly. Please tell your friends. We updated the schedule and added the pre-party because of the massive turnout expected for the original party. Now it’s two parties!

We’re super-stoked to have just finished making plans to bring you a post-MoSo after party. Sponsored by the cyclists at the bike marketplace (check out this, my favorite t-shirt ever) and my site, we’ll be headed to Frank restaurant for some “artesian sausage” and beer. Yum! We’ll give out two-hundred tickets for a dog or a beer, courtesy of Pedalr and pack into Frank. If you don’t get a ticket, or if you get one and still want more food, saddle up the the bar and order something. Space is likely to be tight but it’s a large, friendly space, one of my favorite places in Austin.

We’ll be giving out a ton of cycling and photography related prizes too so stick around after you tank up on beer to get some great schwag.

You can also get a card to register to enter the launch party contest. We’re giving away and iPad 2 and $1000 in photographic gear and software to celebrate the facelift to the site. (Details will also be on our Contest page this week when the site re-launches.)

franks front door

We’ll ride the Mobile Social this year with a Biologic iPhone Bike Mount and Map My Tracks. I reviewed both late last year. Map My Tracks built us a Hub for SXSW and I invite you to join us there.


Nick Tatt wrote a long post about it. In summary, what you do is

  • Download paid or free app
  • Track your ride
  • Upload it, make it public, tag it SXSW

and it’ll show up on the Hub with our rides.



While Map My Tracks is mapping our rides, you can also geolocate our photos on Flickr. We’ll post about what we’re doing here, on Twitter and Facebook.

For calendaring, I’m using while in Austin and we found flights using Hipmunk. Square’s app is for retail in our Trade Show Booth. The Biologic mounts are sold out, but we’ll have a few with us.


The assortment of gear this year includes

and we’ll blog as we do.

A Face Melting, Toe Curling Event

As @sxsw tweeted this morning

.@bikehugger is set to unleash a “face melting, toe curling event” at noon on 3/15 on the #SXSW Next Stage.

We are and that’s Built where we make and tell next week in Austin. After Built, it’s the Core Conversation about the Web and then the Mobile Social.

See you there.

Built and Mobile Social 11 Sponsors

We’re in Austin for SXSW, Built, and the Mobile Social later this weekend. The sponsors that make our events possible include


The innovative bicycling gear and accessories is sending us to Austin with their iPhone 4 Bike Mount. We’ll have those in Trade Show booth 106 with us and on our bikes.

Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks is an outdoor social network for fitness enthusiasts. They’ve created a hub for us and I’ll share more on that with you later this week. Using their iPhone App, we can map and share the Mobile Social route together.

Mix Online

MIX Online is a community for web designers and developers who build and believe in the innovative web. I’m speaking at their related Conference.


Pedalr is buying the beer and dogs at the Mobile Social party. They’ve made a marketplace for people who love bikes.

Picture your world with, a photography store with select gear.

Rudy Project

We like to travel an ride in style and Rudy Project is providing us with eyewear for the rides and parties in Austin. They’ve also got a great deal on gear.

A Remix at SXSW 11

We announced Built last week and just published our Mobile Social SXSW 11.

Note this year we’re just riding around Austin to bring back the ride as it was a few years ago. We’ll end up where we like for beers and tacos, but no big kegger.


A remix

Photo: David Schloss

We’re mixing it up this year with a new event and an old ride. See you there.


  • Event: SXSW 2011
  • When: March 15, 2011, 5-7PM
  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • Who: SXSW Attendees, Austin Locals, cyclists
  • RSVP now at Upcoming or Facebook

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