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Mobile Social Interbike 2013

  • Event: Interbike
  • When: September 19, 2013
  • Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Who: Interbike Attendees, Locals
  • RSVP now at Facebook | G+

The 8th annual Tern Bicycles Mobile Social at Interbike with Knog will arrive at a New Belgium Block Party near the corner of Fremont and Las Vegas Blvd in the Fremont East District. After departing from Mandalay Bay, we’ll ride on the Strip to Beat Coffeehouse & Downtown Cocktail Room.


  • Registration at 6:00 PM in the Country Club Shop Parking Lot check the map.
  • Ride departs at 6:30 PM
  • Ride ends at The Beat Coffeehouse & Downtown Cocktail Room Map
  • New Belgium Drink Specials from 7-10 PM.
  • Free drink coins for the first 250 registered riders.

Note: signed waivers, and wristbands are required for the ride.

You don’t have to ride to meet us at the Block Party.

Recent news and updates about Mobile Social Interbike 2013

An Xtracycle, Mobile Social Edit

Every year they get better and for our third and finale Mobile Social of 2013, we rode the Strip during Interbike. Check the edit Xtracycle made about the ride.

Interbike 13: Lea and Electra Girl

Lea Davison

Lea on a Crux with hydro disc

That’s Lea Davison chasing Katerina Nash to take 2nd at CrossVegas. I placed 15th in the media category and 117th overall out of 150+ starters. After surviving the insane Thunderdome start, rode right into a crash on turn one, stayed upright, and continued to the finish. It felt like a dustbuster’s motor had been reversed, shoved in my mouth, and turned on full blast. Later, my throat got real sore and I lost my voice during the Mobile Social. Uploaded the first batch of photos from both events: CrossVegas and Mobile Social, including video taken with Glass.

Electra Girl

Electra Girl rides the Mobile Social with us

More on the racing, rides, and Interbike after some rest and a day off.

Mobile Social Interbike 13 Moments

Mobile Social Interbike 13

On the Strip

We rode the Strip on Terns with a full moon and police choppers spotlighting us. It was an amazing, had to be there moment during the Mobile Social Interbike. Here’s a glimpse of Green Guru setting the tempo, like a Pied Piper with a music-blasting bike. The ride ended at a New Belgium Block party with Shinola, Knog, and Electra Bicycles joining us.


Panda head

We closed the night on the Boo Bicycles Party Bus where I sat on a 1/2 rack of Shift and someone put a panda head on. Props to the locals and MashSF that led the ride safely.

Interbike 13: Shiny Bike Things

with flowers

Special delivery of flowers to Vegas

Arriving in Vegas tonight to attend Interbike, race CrossVegas, ride the Strip with the Mobile Social, and blog about shiny new bike things! Taking photos too with Jim from @wiredbike. I introduced you to Jim a couple weeks ago when I toured Wired’s offices with Glass.

For the Mobile Social, RSVP so we get a good count. We’re riding from Mandalay Bay to a New Belgium Block Party downtown with Tern, Shinola, and Knog. Check the event flyer here and we’ll ride with you soon. The event is so big now, it’s got a press release and everything.

Mobile Social Interbike 13 Flyer

MoSo IB 13 Flyer

Mobile Social Interbike 2013 Flyer

As we’ve done for 8 years, the Mobile Social Interbike will meet at 6pm, then the ride departs at 6:30pm, we pedal to Downtown Vegas, and arrive at the Downtown Cocktail Room and The Beat Coffeehouse. See you next week in Vegas. RSVP now.

New Belgium Drink Specials 7:30-10:30 PM. Starting at a new venue with a new route, we’ve worked hard to make this MoSo flow, and because it’s longer, there’s a party bus to bring you back. Check the map here.

Mobile Social Interbike Details and Map

MoSo IB 12

MoSo IB 12

Next month, we’ll meet to ride the Mobile Social Interbike as we’ve done for the past 8 years. This edition is in a new venue and meet spot. Don’t expect Mandalay Bay to flow like the Sands, so we’ve mapped it out to avoid a big bike industry cluster F. The bike valet is in the Paddock this year. That’s outside the convention hall in the Mandalay Bay parking lot where the demo area and crits are too. Grab your bike and make your way to us at the Country Club Shop parking lot via an access road. It’s mapped here.

Once we’re all assembled, we’ll ride out of the Country Club Shop parking lot onto the Strip heading south, then u-turn at the Four-Season Dr. intersection to head North. If the group is huge, as it usually is, we’ll not all make it through the intersection; so wait for the light, then proceed, and we’ll see you at the New Belgium Block Party.

Note that this is a long MoSo, so we’ll get broken up by the lights. Don’t try to regroup, just ride on and meet at the party. We’ll see you when we all get there and will keep the beer cold.

As usual, the first 250 to RSVP get the schwag and beer coins. The details:

  • Registration at 6:00 PM in the Country Club Shop Parking Lot check the map.
  • Ride departs at 6:30 PM
  • Ride ends at The Beat Coffeehouse & Downtown Cocktail Room Map
  • New Belgium Drink Specials from 7-10 PM.
  • Free drink coins and schwag for the first 250 registered riders.

For those new to the ride, this is a casual, social ride. We obey the lights, stick to one lane, and act like goodwill ambassadors during Interbike. Play nice with the cabbies and the rest of the drivers on the Strip think it’s all part of the Vegas experience.

See you there.

Mobile Social Interbike 13

MoSo 12

Super Fun on the Strip with us and you

While in Vegas for SXSWV2V and a Mobile Social with our friends from Austin, we did some reconnaissance for the Interbike ride. We’ll start in the Mandalay Bay parking lot this year and ride to downtown for a New Belgium Block Party. Just like last year, but farther down the Strip at Mandalay. For those of you that have attended all 7 MoSos, we used to ride to Mandalay to watch a crit.

Details are posted on the Mobile Social page. Meet at 6:00 in the parking lot and ride starts at 6:30, on the Strip to Downtown. RSVP on Facebook. MoSos look like this and are super fun.

The MoSos are brought you by our partners like Tern and Knog.

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Ride with us in Vegas this Summer

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