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Mobile Social CES

  • Event: CES
  • When: January 6th, 2014
  • Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Who: CES Attendees, Vegas Locals, Cyclists
  • RSVP now at Facebook | G+

First Mobile Social of the year in Vegas, during CES with Nokia and Tern Bicycles. We’ll ride the Strip to Downtown Project Las Vegas.


Meeting at the Aria with route and destination TBD.

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Riding to Fabulous Downtown Vegas

Flat bar

Flatbar POV

Jason Harris from Nokia joined us for the Mobile Social CES and took these photos. When asked about his experience riding with us, he said

As I planned CES 2014 activities for Nokia, the idea of a bike ride sounded like a nice escape from the madness of casinos and regular Vegas activities. As we cruised the Strip on amazing Tern Bicycles, I felt my stress and anxiety about the week melt away. It was so amazing to get fresh air and see a side of Vegas you can’t see on foot or from a car.

The ride flowed perfectly – it was long enough to provide an escape yet short enough that our more novice riders felt right at home. Also, local Vegas cyclists join us to help shepherd our little flock and give insight into Vegas landmarks and cycling culture.

Mobile Social CES 2014 was perfect and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. The stop/turn-around point featuring tacos and beers outdoors provided solace for our the Nokia influencers I brought to Vegas.

Fabulous Downtown Vegas

Fabulous Downtown Vegas

We expect to ride with Jason and Nokia again soon, taking photos in Austin for our annual Mobile Social SXSW.

Everybody had fun

Everybody had fun

More photos, taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 and 1520s mounted on a bike are on G+. Video too.

Vegas with Cameras and Bikes

On the Strip

On the Strip with camers and bikes

In a city built to take your money during CES, the electronics industry’s Super Bowl, I wondered further why we rode out of the Aria valet lot into a Zen-like calm and happiness. A dozen people that had not met or ridden with each other before arrived on the Strip, started taking photos, and became fast friends.

Maybe it’s what Edwin Land said about the first Polaroid camera, the SX-70

… it turns out that buried within all of us–God knows beneath how many pregenital and Freudian and Calvinistic strata–there is latent interest in each other; there is tenderness, curiosity, excitement, affection, companionability and humor; it turns out that in this cold world where man grows distant from man, and even lovers can reach each other only briefly, that we have a yen for and a primordial competence for a quiet good-humored delight in each other: we have a prehistoric tribal competence for a non-physical, non-emotional, non-sexual satisfaction in being partners in the lonely exploration of a once empty planet.

photos before the ride

Assembling for the ride in the Aria

Vegas can be a lonely place for me, unless I’m fortunate enough to have like-minded friends with cameras and bikes. Instead of shaking our Polaroid pictures until they developed, we instantly uploaded, and shared them on social networks. Same as it ever was, really, and the magic is just simply that bikes are fun.


Cervezas in the Winter Sun

More photos, taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020 and 1520s mounted on a bike are on G+. Video too.

The setup

The setup

A Mobile Social Moment

Mobile Social Moment

We rolled out of City Center

If I could package up moments like this on the Mobile Social, and sell them, a bike blogging gig would really pay off. Here we are in traffic, on the Strip, having fun during the Mobile Social CES. I think the magic maybe because you’re upright, instead of slouched in a car or stuck in a pedestrian maze being directed to a casino. Riding a bike and looking around, you’re moving with a sense of freedom. You can go fast too if you want, faster than traffic.

Whatever it is, moments like this are why we started with one Mobile Social in Vegas a year and are now scheduling three with Tern Bicycles and new partners like Nokia and others we’ll announce soon during SXSW.

More photos, taken with a Nokia Lumia 10 and 1520 are on G+. Video too.

Mobile Social CES

The first Mobile Social CES is today at 2:00 PM. We’re riding with Nokia, Tern, and a group of Bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers:

  • C.C. Chapman: @cc_chapman
  • Carlie Butler: @CarlieStylezz
  • Colby Brown: @colbybrownphoto
  • Frederick Goodall: @mochadad
  • Jennifer Quillen: @TheRebelChick
  • Jim Higley: @jimhigley
  • Kirsten Alana: @KirstenAlana
  • Leigh Ann: @leighannsays
  • Michael Manna: @MichaelManna
  • Pei Ketron: @pketron
  • Robert Fondalo: @Fondalo
  • Shannon Lane: @cajunmama
  • Steve Cook: @stevecook_32
  • Sugar Jones: @sugarjones

It’s the same route as our rides on the Strip during Interbike and we’re leaving from the Aria. Posts and photos to follow in a magazine feature and more bike news from CES.

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Ride with us in Vegas this Summer

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