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For our 9th annual Mobile Social SXSW we’ve refocused to advocacy and the world premier of the film Bikes vs Cars.

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It’s the year of the bike at SXSW, and we’ve collected what we’re doing onto one page. We’re riding, talking, and meeting up with you before our ride to the world premier Create tent with the Makers, Hackers and DIYers.


We’ll ride daily after we arrive in Austin. Follow us on Twitter for announcements about meet spots, routes, and times. Expect morning rides out of the city and evening rides to food trucks.

On Sunday, March 15th at 3:30 PM meet for the annual Mobile Social SXSW. At Create, in the space where bikes and tech meet, we’ll greet filmmakers, city planners, and advocates. After that we’ll ride to watch the world premier of the film Bikes vs. Cars at Republic Square Park.

The meetup, ride, and movie are free and open to the public – no badge required. The pace is social and all cyclists are welcome, any bike will work, there are no hills, and just fun. Meet on the lawn outside the Create Tent in The Long Center at 3:30. We’re easy to find. You’ll find us where the SYCONS DJs of the Sun are mixing music.


There are 8 bike-related talks and events on the SXSW Schedule this year.


Joining us on the lawn in front of the Create tent at the Sycons. Their performance will incorporate solar-powered DJing, the solar-powered GuitarMoogSynth, and the amazing solar-powered Gee-theremin (guitar theremin hybrid). Beats from rays by Solar Dub Rustlers.

mobile_social_girl.jpgMobile Socials are in the space where the bike and tech meet.

Ride with us in Austin this Spring and then Vegas in the Summer

Check out our upcoming events below. Posts and photos from past ones too.

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