Yellow Wall Copenhagen


by Byron on Aug 16, 2010 at 7:37 AM

We’ll get to Copenhagen one of these trips to Europe to see Cycle Chic like this. It’s just what they do there – no statements, no car-free pledges, they just ride everywhere and with their families.

We’re back to London for another Mobile Social this Fall with a new stop in Berlin, where they bike too. Hope they haven’t banned beer bikes before we get there.

Uploaded by Mikael Colville-Andersen | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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I swear that boy looks like my son with the blue helmet, glasses, hoodie, and riding a Bobike.  However, I definitely don’t have those legs.  Don’t tell my wife but I wish that was her.

She needs to air up the rear tire. I can’t see a quick release so patching that tube would be a pain.

Top tip time - surprise cycling city of Europe is Lund, Sweden. 43% of people commute by bicycle there! If you want to see some great bicycle commuter chic action, you should take a look!

Anyway, I really like your blog! It’s going in my favourites! :)

Lawrence - The Bicycle Safari

In Denmark, most of the folks run what we would consider low tire pressures.  The roads and bike paths are largely made of crushed rock that flakes off and creates “flints”.  Tiny, sharp pieces of rock all over the place.  I’ve never flatted as much as when I rode there with my standard 110psi.  The road riders there swear by 6 BAR (~85psi) for riding.  The city folks much less.

It’s an amazing bike culture - what a great place.

That’s right and it looked normal to me.

Stunning, absolutely stunning.  And I don’t even really like blondes.

I wonder if she has SPD clipless cleats on those shoes?  Yeah, maybe not…