Wiggo’s Aero Road Bike


by Byron on Jul 27, 2012 at 9:16 AM


British and Bulbous

Photo: Cycling Weekly

This is Wiggo’s Olympic bike and the ground effects were likely described as

separating the dirty air from the front end of the bike and it’s wrapping around Wiggo’s sideburns.

and with an Austin Powers voice, we ask does that make you HORNY?

Cycling Weekly has more photos and details on the bike we think looks like it was spotted on the set of Space Balls II or Twitter’s Aero Fail Whale.

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I thought this was a joke. That has to be the ugliest stem/combo monstrosity I’ve ever seen. How did that get UCI certification for the 3:1 aspect ratio?

Someone with more knowledge of the rules or this bike should comment with more authority, but I can only think they got an exception.

Super fugly.

@steve, updated your profile removing the 1 and changed your previous user name profile to Steve Benes Old.

Also, it’s totally fugly and I’m sure Pinarello thought so too.