Wanted: New Fork or Bike


by Byron on Sep 11, 2010 at 9:19 AM

Quinn told us

just took a spin through the park. suddenly it wasn’t tracking strait. glad it failed gracefully.

That’s the front of a a 50-yr old Nishiki frame that spent most of its live in storage. I said a good builder could make a fork for 3, 4 hundred or probably time to get a new frame.

What do you recommend he replace it with? We’re into 333 Fab these days or for production like this Novara. Salsa Vaya too? What else in Steel? Raleigh Record Ace?

For a cyclists that tours with Wheeled Migration, think he needs an artisan bike from a NorCal builder or a Rawland. Whatever bike chosen, make sure that spoke bell goes back on it.

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Two more names to drop: Cielo Sportif made by the folks at Chris King. Same classic lines as the Nishiki, same steel, almost a custom feel, but made with a production bike mentality.

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and with a sense of Seattle practicality, those Baron Outsiders still look nice too.

If he likes his old bike, put a Surly Cross Check fork on it and call it good - less than a hundred dollars.  The bike looks like an early 80’s tourer.  At most it is 30 years old.  And a good steel frame can last 100 years. 

The novara. Great engineering for a mass produced bike

Buy a new frame off craigslist for 50 bucks.  Or take the frame to Bikeworks and fit their huge selection of forks until you find one that fits.  See if the bike handles okay afterwards and if it does, ride it for another 20 years.

By the way—that Nishiki is NOT from 1960.  Try 1985.

I love the electra ticino chromed forks, theys got canti studs, and that classic bend/offset that the old-school 80’s tourers had. Bit on the expensive side though, $200 bucks!

Electra though? Derivative, uninspired, remakes.