Two Lakes and an Ocean Ride


by Byron on Sep 04, 2012 at 9:23 AM

A fav time of the year to ride in Seattle with moderate temps and blue skies. We rode around two lakes and finished by the ocean. Along the Ship Canal Trail, met a cyclist nicknamed Newton.

Nicknamed Newton

Nicknamed Newton

And this couple was riding to the I-5 Colonnade MTB Park.

Riding to a MTB Park

Riding to a MTB Park


Ended up in a King Co. Sheriff’s helicopter and didn’t even get arrested!

Don’t now why, but there was a helicopter on the I-90 lid, so Pam got up into it. Then after much traffic on the Alki Beach trail, spotted a Bullitt.

Cross Town Traffic

First one I’ve seen in Seattle.

Baby Boy in a Bullitt

Baby Boy in a Bullitt

These photos are Lightboxed on G+ and the route is photomapped.

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