Two Cyclists Make a Race


by Byron on Jan 26, 2011 at 10:48 AM

Two cyclists make a race. Three of them and it’s a world championships. Race numbers pinned on your back or not, it’s in our DNA to compete. I’ve seen it with commuters in Seattle, on the bridges of Portland, and even in Amsterdam. While they don’t queue up for a sprint in AMS with their iron-age bikes, you do not want to get in their way.


Photo: Nikkatsu Corporation.

This photo captures the race on! spirit of cycling and is from the 1997 film Postman Blues by Sabu. The Japan Society is screening Sabu’s films in New York. The films are about the modern Japanese man

paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy, in thrall to cartoonish yakuza fantasies and only coming alive when he’s drunk beyond the point of memory or volition.

I’ve never seen a Sabu film, but that description is like the Single Speed cross races I did last year.

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There are a LOT of townline signs here in my area because New York has strange rules about what makes a villages or hamlets and we’re right on the Jersey border. Many rides cross into and out of New Jersey five or six times over 20 miles So some rides have a lot of sprints.

My friend came up from NYC once, didn’t know the area and started to sprint for one sign, but no one picked up on his challenge.

When he got to the sign he realized it was an old folks home sign.