Turtle Shell Boombox for your Bike


by Byron on Oct 05, 2012 at 6:04 AM

Red flavor

Red flavor

I thought it looked more like a brick from a geodesic home than a turtle shell, but the sound and design is impressive. I met Outdoor Technology in Tiny Town at Interbike. That’s the space under the stairs where the smaller booths are and a blogger can find unusual products that haven’t hit or are about to hit the market. Turtle Shell is a bluetooth, waterproof boom box that sounds like a high-quality bookshelf stereo. It’s got a cleat-mount system to hang it off most anything, including your handlebars. There’s a competition on our social rides for who can bring the most boom. This is a good start.

blue flavor on a bike

Blue flavor on a bike

Listening to Busta’s new cuts with Gucci Mane that green Turtle Shell bounced across the kitchen island with an impressive whoomp-whoomp sound. Again, this electronic is so cool, the teens at Hugga HQ confiscated it for their rooms. Also cause it’s so easy to connect. Equally impressive is that Outdoor Technology is an established company with a new product and they used Kickstarter for pre-orders. They just got funded for 73K of the 40K requested. Suggested retail is $149.00.

Connected with Whodini

Connected with Whodini

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