The Tour every 2 hours


by Byron on Jul 05, 2006 at 5:46 PM

Man, I just dig being able to turn on OLN and see the Tour every 2 hours. I’ll even watch a stage a few times, to catch something I missed, or just relish in the coverage, realizing I won’t see it again for another year. Seeing those marvelous graphical maps, I forgive OLN for gutting the Giro and Vuelta coverage. A few notes on this year’s coverage

  • Great to see OLN’s graphics, studio, and talent reaching ESPN 2 levels of quality
  • Trautwig seems less annoying, I even chuckled at two of his quips
  • Phil is not messing up all the names like he was earlier in the year
  • Paul always seems like he’s having a really good time
  • Does Bobke scare the casual viewer?

Considering that we’ll see the same commercials 10 million times before the end of the tour, I already can’t stand that Flowmax one. Flowmax should be the name of a carburetor and sorry, but guys are just never that happy together, in a convertible, hair blowing in their faces, singing hits from the 80s, happy that their piss flows. I also don’t care if Saab was born from jet engineers because none of them are around anymore, Saab is a division of GM (not Boeing), and Subaru makes some of their cars.

I love those Michelob commercials and think that if they can put an SRM on a bike and transmit the data that they could put a camera on a bike and capture a sprint from a rider’s view.

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I can only hope that OLN doesn’t ESPN’ize their tour coverage to the point where it’s full of slick graphics, factoids, and eventually the dreaded Bob Costas style of Olympic broadcasting.  I much appreciate the retro style of Phil and Paul.  Who cares if they get a name wrong, can’t instantly identifier a rider in 3 microseconds, or can’t immediately pull up a video showing a rider on his tricycle, growing up in the Ukraine when he was three years old?  Al Trautwig is also a seasoned pro who gets shunned away to specialty sports in the USA but that’s ok.  Again, give me him anyday over the emo glamor boys I hear doing the big three sports on TV.

Did you see that OLN is changing their name to “Versus” in September?  If this signals a move to more competitive coverage, perhaps we will see Giro and Vuelta broadcasting.  I was very pleased with the weekly Sunday show and hope they do it again next ear.

I just saw a promo for boxing on OLN, which isn’t outdoor life at all and hope that they change to versus isn’t to make it more ESPN like and it maybe, but they should still do the Tour. I agree on the Sunday coverage, while it was disappointing to not have the full 2 other grand tours covered, the Sunday round up was good. Totally agree on Phil and Paul, I noted because I think it was the Tour de Swiss, and probably just an off day for Phil, but he kept getting the names wrong, but who cares, he’s Phil!