The French are Bonkers


by David Schloss on Jun 17, 2009 at 9:35 AM


I know we’ve covered this before, but the New York Times, in their article on the French prisoner version of the Tour de France show just how batshit insane the French are.

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Whether rules are written against it or not, a Frenchman in Francaise Des Jeux kit is no breakaway threat…


Which country is crazier - the one with the prisoner bike ride or the one with the death penalty?

I think it’s very ignorant of you to make a comment like that, it’s only based on prejudice. I think It’s a very good idea and an excelent means of rehabilitation for those prisoners. If you read the article you would realize that.

By the way that you call insanity, I call social consciousness.

“bonkers (..)batshit insane the French are” I am French and use to read bike hugger, man that’s not very cool for us :/

Note David’s posted opinion is his own here and isn’t an official position or anything. We’ve got plenty of opinions here. Just like standing around the mechanic’s bench in a bike shop.

Actually, at first I thought the article was a a parody of Le Tour and was based on the riders (pro riders) being prisoners to the UCI.

Do the riders just ride around or do community service along the way?

They only ride, it’s for purposes of rehabilitation, it gives the prisoners a goal and teaches them about effort.

I just want to say that I realy enjoy your website and I don’t think intolerance goes well into the message that you are trying to convey.