The Coolest Tool You Own?


by Mark V on Nov 09, 2007 at 7:23 AM

Prot%20Tool%2004.jpg Having worked on bikes for years, I am used to handling tools. I always find those 50-something-function folding multi-tools to be disappointing, having a lot features that are just not practical to use. Give me something simple, but beautifully made. I have a 3-piece set of headset/BB/pedal wrenches made by Shimano that surpass even Campagnolo. However, the set is just about obsolete when dealing with today’s bikes. But I just got the coolest tool out there.

It’s called the Pro Tool Super and it’s marketed in the United States by Euro-Asia Imports. But the back story is that it was originally marketed in Japan years ago by legendary keirin builder San Rensho. Nowadays, it’s made by their successor Makino.


What’s so great about it? It’s a track bike specific tool that tightens 15mm axle-fixing nuts, removes/install track hub lockrings AND cogs, as well as adjust MKS-style axle tugs. The coolest part is the cog removal without a chain whip. The lockring end has a slot that allows you to hook it over the teeth of the cog, though you are limited to cogs about 14-16 tooth. The Pro Tool Super is solid chunk of chromed steel satisfaction. It is the track racers dream, eliminating all other tools from the racer’s kit other than a couple odd Allen wrenches. But at nearly $150, it also be a source of concern. While I’m circling the banking, I hope that no one forgets to put my Pro Tool Super back in my kit if they borrow it.




So what’s the coolest tool you own?

And just for kicks, what the crappiest?

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My new S&S tool is the best tool. I think it’s made by the same company and it’s actually another tool, but it’s cool.

I just got an S&S Vanilla, and Sacha made me a custom tool for the couplers & 15mm pedals out of brushed stainless with the vanilla flower milled into it.  It is sweet!

Nice! Do you photos online or send us some and we’ll post them.

I LOVE the headset press.  I don’t own one (but I’ve got a good friend with one).  It’s so definitive in it’s action.  No F’ing around with that bad boy.

That, and using it usually means I have a new bike in the works :).

I’d love to see the S&S tool. I never heard of it.

It’s a hook spanner wrench, simple, but it’s cool and used to uncouple [the Modal](/tag/modal). It’s made by Hason.

I own a lot of tools, the best is not bike related though.  It’s a Noxon spring nail set, found a  Oh yeah, I’m kind of fond of my Surly Jethro Tule even though I don’t have much use for it currently.

I thought this bad boy was a good option for riding a bolted rear axle.  I mostly just like the simplicity of having it bolted to the bottle cage.