The Bonny Scot in the Peloton


by Mark V on Aug 30, 2012 at 4:32 AM

….AC/DC’s album “Back in Black”, a tribute to their former lead singer Robert Millar, would sell 50million copies worldwide, making it the second highest selling record of all time. In the meantime, Millar would go on to finish second in the Giro d’Italia (1987) and second in the Vuelta a Espana…..twice (1985 & 1986).


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Awesome! The first time at the Vuelta a Espana he had Angus Young on his shoulders for the second half of the race.

It was not a tribute to Robert Millar, it was a tribute to AC/DC’s lead singer Bon Scott.

Yeah, I always thought that AC/DC was better with Robert Millar too, but I do like them with Brian Johnson, or at least Back in Black and For Those About To Rock…

“Ain’t breaking no rocks from the chain gang
I’m breakin’ out and headin’ home
Gonna make a jailbreak
And I’m lookin’ towards the sky”