The Beer Refreshing


by Byron on Nov 13, 2008 at 7:56 AM


Ah yes, second only to coffee as the refreshment of choice for cyclists, this photo from the BBC reminded me to post about seasonal beers.


What are you drinking? I’m burned out on microbrews and trying out Spatens and a new Brouwer’s Cafe opened in the ‘hood.

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in W Seattle or are you talking about the one in Fremont?

Where is the new Brouwer’s?

Been to Fremont for the Mavic party. There’s a new one in W. Seattle on 35th.

November in New York means Ommegang Dubbel for me.

The Spaten Oktoberfest is good. I am hooked on Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest at the moment. However, the Sam Adams Winter Ale will soon appear in my fridge.

I can understand being burned out on American crafts, but this season is high time for a roasty porter.  Even better if you can find a stout or porter on cask.  A cellar temp cask ale is the perfect cool weather post-ride beer.

Honestly, I wish more craft brewers would release [low alcohol beers](—I’m a lightweight, but enjoy a good beer like any cycling dude, but I’d rather not get tipsy on a pint. Have you tried or even seen any LA microbrews?

I’m a novice cyclist but an accomplished beer drinker.

If you want something easy and European to drink the Eggenberg Pils is fantastic.

And I know it’s an American macrobrew, but Miller High Life (yes, the Champagne of beers) has been treating my tastebuds right lately. I enjoy a meal of many complex ingredients and thoughtfully blended flavors, but sometimes I just want a ham sandwich, you know?

And I just saw an ad for Budweiser American Ale—In a pinch, Bud Select is really not bad at all.

here is calgary alberta we have some great seasonal beers from big rock ( and from wild rose (

if you can find beer from those brewery’s - do yourself a favour (flavour?) and give them a try.

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale in a can.  Great, hoppy IPA and perfect for the warm weather we’re still enjoying in FL.

I called Brouwer’s in Fremont (on 35th incidentally) and they said there was no new Brouwer’s in West Seattle.

So, where is the place in West Seattle you were referring to DL?  It must be good if you thought it was affiliated with Brouwer’s in Fremont.

Hold on checking resources: there is a new Belgium Alehouse in Seattle . . .

My second favorite topic: Beer! Currently in rotation:
- Sessions Lager (always have a case of this retro standing by)
- Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel
- Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen & their Ur Pils
- Xingu black beer (Brazilian)

I can’t recommend Big Star Beer Market enough.

Living in Wisconsin there are many brews to taste throughout the seasons.  I do like going down to Titletown Brewery for their micros.

ok, [W Seattle Blog]( confirmed it’s the new alehouse is [Prost](, next to The Bohemian.

Here in NYC i like to keep it local/regional, and am really enjoying Smuttynose (NH) Winter Ale, now preferring it over Six Point’s (Long Island) Winter Ale.

Homebrewed Pumpkin Ale, Oatmeal Stout and New Bel Frambozen. It’s winter after all here in Colorado.