Tall Bike Cross!


by Byron on Nov 28, 2011 at 12:26 PM

The most interesting man alive? We’d vote for he who races a tall cross bike, while women blow horns for him

tall bike cross

No need to shoulder that thing

and grandmas keep watch.

tall bike cross

Remount by stepping into the frame

Ride Tall Cross bike, ride like the wind!

tall bike cross

Lean forward for more aero

Photos of SCCX #2 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta, NJ by Robin Evensen. Our Tall Bike hero is Bruce Kristiansen.

Updated with Video

Down the hill

Up the hill

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Extra props for also single speeding it.

Stock 3 speed baby
Go fast

Is that SS or internal?

Internal 3
Gearing way too big could berely
Clime hills
Weighs about 60 lbs
Carbon is for roadies

I like how the racers have to work out a strategy of how to get around the Tall One.