SXSW Urban Ride Route


by Byron on Mar 03, 2008 at 6:40 PM

Here’s the Bike Hugger SXSW Urban Ride Route


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You’d really be better off not trying to make that right turn off of 6th onto Lamar, even if it’s just to come around to the entrance to the REI/BookPeople parking lot. That’s one of the craziest intersections in Austin.

Just turn right onto Henderson from 6th, and there’s a back entrance to the same parking lot that will be on your left.

Thanks for the tip—I sent it to the local hugga ambassadors working with us. We expect a large group!

Excellent.  Anyone know where to rent a bike down in Austin?  I’m staying in a hotel a few miles from the convention center for sxsw, and was hoping to ride.

What more do you know about map my ride? I have heard a little about it and I am heading out to Salt Lake City Utah in April for the FrontRunner Century Bicycle Ride fron Salt Lake City to Ogden and I was thinking of using it on my bicycle ride. This will be my 4th century bicycle ride that I have ever done and the FrontRunner Century looks easy and I get to go on a vacation. Have you heard of that ride

We used [Map My Tracks]( for our rides in Kauai and think they’ve got the best app + social site. Map My Ride is ubiquitous, but with an advertiser focus, I find [it incredibly annoying]( and refuse to use it. You can also use Google Maps or any number of [GPS apps]( to plot and track your ride. We also like [Bike My Way](