Summer Wool T


by Byron on Aug 01, 2009 at 7:08 AM

Custom made for us by Ibex Wear, our Summer Wool T is lightweight Merino wool and screened with our logo. The Summer Wool T is best used for apres cycling, everyday wear, and layering. On sale for $59.00, the Ts are shipping directly from Hugga HQ. We have limited quanities. Pricing is good while supplies last.


Sea Melange


Ice Blue

Order from our Summer Wool T page.

We’re also restocked and shipping our Cotton and Bamboo in Mens and Womens sizing from

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I like the design - though isn’t ‘neo retro” a contradiction in terms?

That’s our clever marketing and applies [to the Jerseys](—it’s a classical design, so retro, but also brand new with high-tech materials. The T is just called Summer T for the lighter weight and cooler colors.