SUB: Scandic Utilitarian Brutalism


by Jason Swihart on Nov 15, 2008 at 1:17 PM

Finnish designer and bike builder Olli Erkkilä is creating some batsh*t rides…


I love how Olli is mashing up American Testosterone with Scandinavian Utilitarian Minimalism, along with an (un?)healthy dose of Eastern-European Brutalism…


Scandinavia is far more industrial, gritty, and rusty than I’d imagined…

Bikes in Sodermalm

I had pictured idealized lands of ultra-modern buildings, moving walkways, and sleek, quiet cars. But when I visited Stockholm and Helsinki a couple years ago, I found those cities reminded me uncannily of Seattle–replete with grungy, tattooed, middle-class hipsters–though tragically lacking good coffee.

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never been to Finland, but i have traveled a lot in the rest of Scandanavia.  and the Swedes, Danes, and Norski say that the Finns are weird. the Danes think of themselves as the most stylish…they told me so.

While we were at a cocktail party in Rome, met some Fins and that was the oddest party conversation I’d had—they want to engage, but don’t know what to say, so it’s mostly a one-way convo, but the smile and nod and say “yes” a lot. Nice people, I think just really introverted. Also, you wouldn’t know it, but they make Kone elevators.

The Finns dominated in the Winter War—beating down the Russian juggernaut in 1939 in some pretty harsh conditions.  The Finns are some of the sharpshootinest, fiercest warriors around!  All that makes for a deeply introspective people…

So, is that a Puggsley-style fixed gear?  It looks badass, whatever it is (if not particularly comfortable…pursuit-style frames are real “taint grinders”).

I dig the green Puggsley-esque ride.  In the interest of “taint preservation” (good call GR), I would reserve it for weekend neighborhood coffee runs.