Stop: Watch for Bikes


by Byron on Jun 13, 2012 at 4:45 AM

This decal was on the cab that brought me from the airport to the hotel. How apt that message was…


Cab decal with an important reminder

Today I’m talking about making things, being creative, and hosting day one of Built.

Just learned from Martin, one of our speakers, that those decals were project by Derek Chadbourne when he was working for the Hoof and Cycle Toronto Messenger coalition.

A simple thing that surely has saved injuries and maybe lives.

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What city? I remember these sprouted up in San Francisco a few years ago after several doorings by passengers exiting cabs (including a friend of mine who was bedridden for months after a freak collision at about 7 mph).

Now if only they could do something about passengers -entering- cabs, but that’s another story.