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Packaging is one area where SRAM really has it dialed.  They use the same dimensions for most of their components so the boxes are the same.  They put their stuff in recycled cardboard forms to protect them.  Of course the RED stuff all gets a fancy microfiber bag…but that’s just for fun.

Must be stocking up for CX season.  SRAM seems to really be picking up steam in that area.

I love the microfiber bags that the RED cassettes ship with. I sharpie the cassette’s range on the bag, then toss them into my toolbox so I can change cassettes at the cross races.

Yes they spend their engineering budget on making parts from a variety of once disparate companies work and then on packaging v. a sound engineer that could quiet that drivetrain by at least 2 decibels if not more. Or stop the chain suck.