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Will it make it possible to top 25 mph/40.2336 kph?  Will it make it easier to climb hills?  I really wish these companies would stop reinventing the wheel and build something to allow greater speed easier to sustain a higher speed would be nice.  I see all these adverts for these different crank sets and I really don’t understand why do they charge the high prices when these things only give you at best a marginal increase in speed or sustainable speed.

Looks like a 42 big ring.  Can that be right?  What cyclesport would that be designed for? ‘Cross, maybe?  Can’t see it supporting road speeds at a comfortable cadence.  More pretty, more $, probably fewer grams, but why?

If you look at the picture closely, it says “39T” on the big ring, so it’s 39 tooth, not 42 tooth as speculated.

Also, like all of the groups SRAM is promoting under their “2X10” campaign, it’s actually intended for mountain riding… it doesn’t have to sustain road speeds.

As for the first comment about 25 mph, I can’t help but wonder what bicycles you’re riding that you can’t exceed 25 mph with a double crank, even on level ground, let alone a downhill of any sort.

What I’m really wondering about is when Byron’s going to kick in with his usual anti-SRAM, pro-Shimano rant… and did he do it in front of the SRAM rep? ;-)

I was fighting off the people accusing me of being sexist cause I used the term milf in a post, but my “damn your shit is sooo loud” is replaced with, “how many labels can you put on your products?” and “WiFli has to be the stupidest marketing ever from you guys!” I welcome the eventual displacement of triples with compact and also did note that Microdrive will have it’s day once again.

You sir are obviously not your average rider and therefore do not fall under my comment.  I am a typical bicycle commuter with an average speed of about 17-20 mph.  I am in search of addons that could boost my average speed and or sustainable speed above 25 mph without the need to increase my physical exertion.  Unless you are racing I see no reason to go out and get this thing however I do see companies boasting about their cranks and I am asking the question why don’t they display the potential increase in performance?  Most average bicyclists would not purchase such devices due to their price and lack of hard performance data.  I just don’t understand why companies target bicycle racers so much?  I enjoy my bicycle however in the end it is a vehicle to get me from point a to point b.

That’s just new products each year marketed to move them—ignore the labels and the copy and look at what’s practical about it for you; they’ve got keep the factories churning and the whole delivery system engaged so it’s new product revs each year and periodically a new tech comes out. The good thing is that sports marketing means we can buy what the pros use; however that also means they’re not marketing specifically to “make your commute faster.” You can do that yourself with a pair of fast wheels and that’s the biggest speed bump you’ll see—have them built up to clydesdale to last and with at least a 40MM wing with a set of Schwalbes Ultremo DDs.

This line from SRAM and [especially Apex]( is compact with a wider range of gears. Apex is compelling, if you’re into compact, because you can mixmatch components to get even a wider range of gears. I wouldn’t see a crank per se making you go faster but wheels and tires for sure.

Novara does make bikes for tourists and commuters and so do others, but they’re also not going to talk about going faster as they believe that’s not a core desire of a commuter.

I hope they have multiple gearing options.  39T is way too low for XC riders.

Imagine a venn diagram, on one side is the population of riders that would care about q-factor and the weight savings of giving up a chainring.  On the other side is the group of riders who don’t need big ring gearing or a bash guard.

How big is the overlap between these groups?  I’d say none.

39T big ring is targeted towards 29ers.  there are doubtlessly other ring options, just like with XX (which has 3 options).  there are distinct differences between the bashring double cranks and the XC doubles, so yes, I don’t expect much overlap.