Spring Sale


by Byron on Apr 16, 2009 at 7:07 AM

The Hugga Hookup discounts for the Spring Sale include


We’ve also got a Bonus Bike-to-Work Pants Deal setup with our bike-riding bros at Cordarounds. Get $15.00 off. Pair those Bright Pocket pants with the shirt and socks and you’re def a Bike Hugger. Also, you can totally stand out in a crowd, wearing the Jersey.


More Comfort

Just in and shipping from our Amazon.com Store the new Bamboo Blend Tees and Hincapie Sunscreen.

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A note to the Huggasphere:

Glad to knock $15 off our Bike-to-Work pants this week.  Since our supercomputer doesn’t have a fancy discount code redemption box, simply type Huggasphere in the comments section of the order form and we’ll knock fifteen off when processing it. 

And—MEGABONUS—we’ll throw in a Cordarounds Confuse-a-shirt if you buy today.


Sweet deal on the bike-to-work-pants. Unfortunately for me I just bought a pair. I’ve been wearing them every day this week, and so far so good.

Working from a studio at Hugga HQ, I rarely wear pants, but when I do it’s the Cordarounds for function and Hincapie for style. I’ve worn out a pair of Cordarounds.