Sexy Helmet Safety


by Byron on Jun 18, 2008 at 9:46 AM

How I find this stuff? It’s just what I do … a fun and sexy Helmet Safety/Music Video from the B:C:Clettes.

We totally need a performance like this at a our next Mobile Social. And there’s a throwdown challenge for the no-helmet cyclists! Top this video!

Standard disclaimer: helmet use or lack thereof does not necessarily reflect the view of Bike Hugger or its affiliates.

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That disclaimer’s a cop-out. No one should be forced to wear a helmet, but it’s downright moronic not to. I think a bike hugger would want to promote keeping brains safe from being road scramble. It’s much harder to ride your bike when you’re severely brain injured and/or dead.

The disclaimer is my anticipation that yet another helmet/no helmet duel will occur . . .

actually i find that quite disturbing. helmet use is compulsory in BC (and in hugga HQ), so advocacy takes on the fake unsexy finger-wagging fervor of other “it’s the law!” campaigns like “buckle up!,” “just say no!” and “spitting, loitering, or skateboard riding prohibited.”

putting ugly teef on the unhelmeted woman, well, that’s so high school. junior high. at least you can tell her apart from the uniformed other ones. i don’t find conformist sexy. smart is sexy, and that may entail wearing a helmet much of the time (except bathing, break-dancing, walking, etc.), but wearing one to fit in ain’t. fitting in too well makes you invisible and less safe. what’s with all the black? proper lights: now that’s sexy.

“i wear a helmet so you can drive like an idiot”—irony deficit alert! that line sums up quite a lot of what’s wrong with this kind of advocacy, police-backed or not. i know i’m taking this way too seriously. but really: if you think wearing a helmet is an effective response to idiotic driving, let alone exculpatory, just wow.

That one brought Todd out! Excellent comment. And please note, I wear a helmet for every ride. I think other people should as well, but Bike Hugger is a community not a soapbox or pundit blog. As we discussed in another post, helmet laws are in effect in Seattle. I was looking for something totally different, and happened upon this video and thought it was funny with some fairly good choreography.

The intent here was to have some fun with the video.

As far as topping (or at least equalling) the video (which I did like - bikey dancers rule!), how about:  Plenty of sexy, and not so much of the helmet.  A very different situation, I know, but isn’t that the point?  We need our situation to be different, and we need to work for that, rather than accepting that we should be expected and required to protect outselves from outrageously dangerous fellow travellers.  My solgan: “I’m in your face, making you drive like less of an idiot, so that no one will need to wear a helmet.”  Ride safe, all!

Good one Val!

that was awesome. thanks for that. made my day.

Well, you had to ask - here’s your video:  Dang, if I may say so.

” I wear a helmet so you can drive like an idiot”

This is possibly the worst slogan for helmet use I have ever seen.

Prevention is always better than mitigation so to not act against an “idiot” driver is dangerous.

Secondly, a bicycle helmet is designed for a simple fall to the ground and not for a collision with a motor vehicle and even if a helmet was 100% effective, in deaths caused by collisions with motor vehicles the vast majority of deaths would still happen because of other injuries sustained. Necks snap, aortas burst, spleens rupture, etc., etc.

Wear a helmet if you like, but have no illusions. This slogan is ignorant and dangerous.