Senor Muggy the Travel Press


by Byron on Apr 10, 2007 at 7:01 PM

senior_muggy.jpgConcerned about the quality of coffee in Beijing, I’m traveling with a french press. While the Bodum works great, I’ve gone through two since my last post. They crack in my suitcase. I’m guessing it’s the pressure and depressurization cycles on the plane and eventually the crack spreads, fills with coffee, and that’s the end of that Bodum. So, I found a stainless steel travel press/mug, removed the handle (takes up too much space), grinded down the handle mounts, adorned it with bike shop stickers from Elliot Bay and here I come Beijing with hot, strong coffee in Senor Muggy.

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There’s also the Aerobee Aeropress:

I haven’t used one, but I’ve read a lot of great reviews.


That’s correct, but I was concerned about the durabilty and travel space—that thing is huge. Unless the make a small one.

Wow, where did you get that French Press mug?

That’s a Starbuck’s branded Bodum Stainless Steel travel mug that I modified for travel. It works so well, I use it at home.