Road Holland Overhauls Road Jersey


by David Schloss on Mar 02, 2013 at 10:15 AM

It seems a lot of companies are trying to refine the style of clothing for the road cyclist, and that’s a part of a trend that we’ve been commenting on for some time.

On trainer The problem to be solved is the same: tight-fitting and logo-clad lycra is growing old and many hard core riders are looking for something more comfortable and less garish. The solutions vary however, and some are much better at producing clothing that feels good on the bike and on the body.

The guys at Road Holland have approached this with a line of clothing that evokes yesteryear’s wool without the odd fit and form of the old sheep hair kits.

They sent us a few pieces to test and this, the Arnhem, fits great on the bike but looks good enough that I often just keep wearing it all day long. It’s a 40/60 wool/poly blend, so it’s just tight enough to keep from filling up like a kite in a breeze.

For $150 it’s a good price point for a full-length-sleeve jersey (I’ve got many, many short sleeve jerseys that are more expensive and not nearly as comfortable.)

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I agree—Road Holland gets it! It’s one thing to be in the market for a high end sport wool jersey, it’s another to find one that fits!

I love my “Den Haag” jersey. Sports Wool with a vintage Polo Collar. Works great on the bike and looks stylish while off. Nice Jersey to wear on that ride to the coffee shop.

Just got an email from the guys saying they’re looking to add to their “Wall of Shame” of ugly looking kits. A fun way to pick up a jerseys (I know last time they gave a nice discount to contest participants).

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Thanks for pointing out that contest, that’s great!