Road Bike Action Arrives


by Byron on Mar 24, 2007 at 2:04 PM

Just in time for the trip to Santa Barbara, Road Bike Action arrives! Bonus while reading it on the plane, there’s a cool sites link to us. Very nice and great to see a road-specific mag back. It’s a good issue with an article on the Portland scene and women’s racing.

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Why are all you guys so obnoxious and all ways have to go so fast in big crouds of people and get so mad when you yell on your left and people dont have time to react to your fast moving comands? The bike pathes and bike lains are not only for you,you dont owen the road.

By “all you guys” do you mean roadies? If so, I don’t like cyclists that “race” or set personal best times on the bike paths either.

Yes by “all you guys” I mean roadies who have to go so fast on bike paths with a lot of people on them.

Got it—part of being a roadie is riding fast everywhere when training, but that’s no reason to not be courteous, especially on the bike paths. Or slow down.  How many tri-athletes have you seen blazing down the path with aerobars? Same problem.

you know, mat the person above was right about you guys
you guys are annoying and very mean to me and everybody else. why do you guys have to go so fast, in heavy populated areas? You guys dont own the road.

I agree with mat. roadies are very annoying an all ways gat very mad for no reason.

We’ve got lots of different voices here, commuters, road, messengers, tourists . . .Jon, Jim, Mat (probably all the same person messin’ with the hugga), let’s move onto a more useful topic and keep it civil. This ain’t the place for your hatin’.

What could be a more useful topic than baggen on roaries DL Byron?

P.S. Im not the same person as mat and jim

Having fun, baggin’ messin’ with the hugga, no problem. We want to keep it positive here.

yo fo shizz , road weenie for life! dis site da bomb man! yeye