Riding dirty


by Byron on Nov 05, 2006 at 6:43 AM

The first rain ride of the Fall is usually dirty with all the grime, oil, grit and dirt built up from the summer bubbling across the road. This year, because it’s already rained so much, the grime was much less after the ride.

That was great, but I think this much early Fall rain means it’s going to be a very wet winter.

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I don’t get it… you don’t ride in the rain during the spring or summer?

Seattle has a rainy season. It does rain in the spring and summer, but not like the Fall or now, where it hasn’t stopped for about 5 days. I’ll update the post to say ride of the Fall as that’s what I meant. And thanks for the comment.

Ah, I get it.  I never knew Seattle had a rainy season… I thought it just rained there all the time.  ;-)  Ride safe.