Re.Load Baggage


by Byron on Nov 21, 2006 at 6:52 AM

By way of the Pedal : Reloaded (every photo there is a photo of the day) galleries, I found custom handmade messenger bags by Re.Load Baggage and drank two cups of espresso while clicking through their site.

Having just bought a new Timbuk2 Pro Series Backpack for our trip to Spain, I’m impressed by the craftsmanship, creativity, and art. I’ll have a long-term review of the backpack up soon (overall a very good bag) and disappointed to learn that I’ve missed the window to order a Re.Load bag as a gift (damn)


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Were you there that night of the PEDAL opening? Really great time, great alleycat, and great people. The bag you’ve got there was one of our favorites. Not only by it’s fantastic design, but it’s done by a friend of ours, Dustin Klein, he runs Cadence. Rad dude, and rad gear.


Cranked Magazine

No! We totally missed it - plz let us know what’s coming up and when those events go down! Those bags are amazing. Also just subscribed to the cranked blog.

I absolutely adore my R.E.Load backpack — I’ve had it for four months, and if it weren’t for the dirt you wouldn’t know I’ve been beating the heck out of it daily.  Between the size (full grocery trips, including beer!), the laptop sleeve, the custom embroidering, and the comfy straps and stability strap, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a backpack.


Great to hear. How custom did you go with yours?

I kept my color choices basic — mostly red, with light grey interior and stitching.  I also had them add custom embroidery in just one color (some math geekery).  From afar it looks like a simple enough bag, but up close it’s clearly unique.

Totally cool. My latest timbuk2 bag ain’t nothing subtle. It’s loud and big