Parlee in Premium Rush


by Byron on Sep 04, 2012 at 6:34 AM


There’s a Parlee in Premium Rush and when asked about it, Tom said

Turns out one of the writers/producers knows us and considered us from the outset with a few others bikes. I think it was that the particular character had a bike that was done all the way…”hooked up” as one might say, SRAM Red, ENVE wheels and cockpit etc., an authentic high-end, real road bike. Since all we do is high-end, it was not a stretch for us, rather it was just a question of getting the right bike visually for the character. They looked at a bunch of our bikes, found one that worked visually and we were able to get bikes to them in time…the schedule was unbelievably tight. They were great to work with and it was a fun thing to be involved with. – Tom Rodi, Parlee Cycles

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(spoiler alert) And yet it gets caught by a steel frame fixie on a downhill. Bad motor?

Ha. Yeah. I kinda squirmed at that bit as well. But, from an entertainment point of view, and I found the movie very entertaining, and as an ex-courier (from a few decades ago), I choose to suspend my disbelief and go for the entertainment factor. :)