On the Topic of Tandems


by Byron on Feb 18, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Pam and I are not tandem compatible for several reasons, mostly because we’re both competitive and can’t imagine sitting behind or in front of the other one while they did something stupid. One of us would pedal lamely, wheel suck or sandbagged up the hill, or whatever. That being said, we know tandems are out there and cyclists ride them. House Industries, a type foundry and impacter of design, has been trolling for tandems.

Tandem to the Prom

Readers? Can you ride tandems with your significant other? Family members?

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I tried once with my wife and she can’t handle not being able to see forward due to seating heights and that I’m a decent sized person. I don’t blame her, that would drive me nuts too.

It drives me nuts not to be able to steer and see, but my teen nephew, who is still learning how to ride solo, loves being on the back of a tandem. He can still ride while staying in his own world and no one (including him!) has to worry that he’s going to have an accident.

I love that photo! That’s my son Max and his prom date Fiona heading off to the Garfield High School prom last year. I am the proud parent (and photographer). Max is a total bike-head. He has no intentions of getting a driver’s license. He currently attends Evergreen College in Olympia, WA where he has created his own independent studies program in all things bicycle. He and a handful of other students are setting up a new BikeShare program, running the non-profit bike shop, and hand-building 10 custom bikes for loan to students. We are currently lobbying all over to get a scholarship established for bicycle advocacy.

I’d love it if you’d link to my bicycle culture magazine TUBULOCITY, where this photo first appeared.



Eric that is your photo yep and noted on the click through to Flickr—you sent us that photo to us and I pulled it from our photostream. You’re linked up in you comment and cool. Here’s the [original post](http://bikehugger.com/2009/05/tandem-to-the-prom.html) with the story about it.

I managed to ride about half a block with Mrs. Champs on the back of an omafiets. The Dutch nightlife and a broken wrist may be poor additions to that mix, but I think I’d rather tow her around with a BOB or a Burley.

Pam stopped pedaling on this steep climb and let’s just say that’s when we agreed to not do that again.

I ride tandem with my son all the time, but were it not for our tandem, he’d never be able to ride. He has cerebral palsy and lacks the torso strength or coordination to ride solo.

Does just great on the front of our Hase Pino, though.


Did STP on a tandem with my wife. It was great. Always someone to talk to. No worry of getting split up amongst 10,000 riders. One person steers, the other delivers ride food. One gets tired, the other pushes (or pulls). When you both are fresh, you fly!

My sweetie and I call them “divorce cycles”. Although I know some couples that love them the little woman and I like to ride at different speeds and cadences, and she had a tendency to weave that would not make us a happy team.  We generally don’t even ride together at events.  We team up with friends that ride at a similar pace and meet up at the end.