Oil Addiction Treatment Center


by Byron on Apr 16, 2008 at 8:06 AM

At the Biggest Little Bike Shop in the World, they’ve got an Oil Addiction Treatment Center and it’s staffed by Jim Hopperstad who’s been around forever, since the days of leather chamois, wearing cycling shoes without socks, and when bikes were only made with steel …


As the story goes, back in 1969, his brother smoked a big, fat spliff and came up with the name Bikesmiths – there are lots of Bikesmiths now, but this one is the original. Jim’s featured in Road Bike Action this month and for every possible bike topic, he’s got an opinion. For example, he observed my Rolls saddle was dated and that lead to a discussion concerning hairnet helmets with an additional digression into the quality of Deda components v. Ritchey. Then onto Michelin’s new Pro 3, how Seattle is an anthill, and how riding fixies without brakes can lead to broken wrists.

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I love that sign.  He should sell those to other shops.

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