Fun with Nutcase Helmets


by Byron on Apr 07, 2007 at 9:13 AM

nutcase.jpg Those nuts at Nutcase Helmets sent us a freakin’ case of helmets to review! So, it was like a helmet holiday at our house and the kids dug right into the package and put on a helmet fashion show.

What’s really nice about multi-purpose sport helmets, is you can pop them right on, go for a ride, and they don’t require perfect-fit adjustments. What’s less nice, is that they don’t look “euro” for the road snob. Riding Bettie for coffee with a multi-purpose helmet is great, but showing up to ride a century with the team would result in some serious fashion shame. Just ask Bicycling’s Style Man who recommends the most pro-looking helmet possible, including diamond crusted.

Nutcase Helmets are fun. You can see that in their brand and marketing, and Michael Morrow found a niche with the cool designs. What better way to get a kid or adult to wear a helmet then to make them fun?

Nutcase Helmets are also from Portland, the Northwest land of the bike, and are one of the most enthusiastic bike companies out there.

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I saw the helmets on ISPO 07 first and decided to bring them to Europe. In my eyes nutcase is the same in the helmet market as swatch in the clock market. I love them and have different styles for my different outfits. So all Europeans check out our new site


Nut case helmets, i saw them firt hand this year at euro bike.. great designs and i cant wait to see the new styles they are working on..