No Time For Fashion on Alaskan Way


by Byron on Jun 03, 2011 at 11:27 AM

no fashion

Cycle Chic is an afterthought on the Alaskan Way commute. These cyclists are concerned with the train on the left, cranes and Semis on the right, and cars behind. The detour sign ahead directs us across offramp traffic to and back across the tracks where dump trucks carry their loads. The woman protects herself with knee-high boots and a helmet.

How’s your commute? Are you casually pedaling around without a care or facing a gauntlet like this?

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I’ve re-done my route so many times due to traffic, I can’t count.  But I have a good one now, mostly quiet side streets all the way north to shoreline.  But it took a fair amount of google mapping to get it right.

Yep. It’s even more dangerous to avoid Alaskan Way on this loop. Now when they get this all fixed, it’ll get back to normal.