New York City’s Magic Folding Helmet


by David Schloss on Aug 30, 2009 at 3:55 PM


Trying to get more cyclists to ride with helmets in an urban environment seems like a losing battle–after all, how can you claim to be a hipster with a head covered in awkward polystyrene?

In an effort to increase the use of lids, NYC has teamed up with design folks Fuseproject to create a new helmet that could be integrated with a free bike program in the city. A two-piece design, the helmet is made of a standard shell with a customizable fabric outer layer. The vents, unfortunately are BMX-sized so they’ll not be terribly breathable but it’s a nice concept. We’re looking forward to seeing shell designs on really soon.

There’s no official pricing on the helmets, but the city is giving them out at “community events” around the city.

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Really wish someone would design a travel helmet that folds. Cause that doesn’t look like it folds to me, but just the cover comes off.

Byron, hmmm…isn’t that the same helmet that you said you would get beat up for wearing…around there anyway.

I think so and don’t see where and how it folds. I prefer the [Conchords Hair Helmet](

Any helmet will fold if you try hard enough…unfolding is not always so easy though.

...and yeah, the FOC hair helmet is pure genius.

[Stashkit made]( (maybe out of business, can’t tell) that’s only available in the UK. I don’t think it meets US standards.