New from Ritchey, the red is HOTT!


by Andrew Martin on Sep 24, 2010 at 8:57 AM

I love Ritchey stuff. The bar positions just work right for me. I went from the Carbon Streem to the Wet White Logic for my new bike, but maybe I didn’t wait long enough. The Wet Red is HOT!

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Meh. I’m way more excited about the silver. It’s nice to see polished silver parts making a comeback. Painting alloy parts is nothing more than a way for companies to save a few bucks.

Yeah - I dig on the silver too, but I think they only do it for the Comp level with the classic bend.  If they made the Logic II option I might go that route.

My other frustration is the one-bolt seat clamp design.  I’ve never had luck with that setup: hard to adjust, need to carbon paste the hell out of it to make it stick, riding on the nose and hitting a bump in a race==major nose down.  Pisser.

I agree that it’s nice to see polished silver parts making a comeback even I’m waiting to see ballburnished parts.

That HOTT parts from Mr Tom Ritchey will suit perfect on a HOTT brand bike like this one at the end of the page: