Never a better time to ride to work


by Byron on Feb 23, 2007 at 6:19 PM

With the WA DOT announcing two lanes of I5 this summer, I’m sure we’ll see record numbers of cyclists riding to work. From the necessity, hopefully more of them we’ll keep on riding.

Will your ride to work more this summer?

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they don’t even mention bicycling in the press release.  bus, train: check.  august is a fantastic time to go full-time bike commuter for two weeks.  i think it’d be brilliant.  of course, the south end has been getting the shaft on bike facilities for a long time, and it unfortunately doesn’t look like the BMP is going to do much to remediate that.

To their credit, WA DOT’s site is a rich resource of cameras, maps, weather, and more—including a well-done bicycle map. As we’ve discussed in other threads wayfinding is a top priority. In related news, the Seattle Port authority decision to move cruise ships to Magnolia and add more containers is going to directly impact commuters who use Alaskan Way as a main thoroughfare—least of which the Viaduct fiasco.

Maybe a good time to lure an unsuspecting friend into riding? I’ll start setting traps now. Thanks for the heads up!